The South African Boerboel, that’s what most people call it. It is a powerful mastiff breed of dog. Very reliable, intelligent and obedient.

A pure breed has a dense, short and smooth coat which is usually red, brown or fawn in color. These are the major Boerboel colors. Although there are a number of black Boerboels around the World, they are not easy to come by. Their bright colors may or may not come with white markings on the chest and legs.

If you are here, you are probably thinking of adopting a Boerboel and you already know this is a big and powerful dog. These dogs require extra care and precaution because they can be a big threat when they lose it.

Well, I did some research before getting my own and came up with 5 important things that you should consider before getting a South African Boerboel puppy.

01. Boerboels Need BIG Spaces

As I’ve just mentioned, the South African Boerboel is a big dog. Big dogs require BIG spaces. You cannot raise this dog in an apartment. It needs a home with a compound or garden. This is so as they can move around and exercise to shed off the extra energy and mass which helps to prevent the dog from becoming over weight.

NOTE: See boerboel growth chart here.

The garden that you choose to keep your Boerboel in should also be securely fenced. While it is okay to have the dog moving around, it should not be allowed to roam the streets freely. This is a guard dog which is naturally very protective, you must be with it whenever you choose to take it outside.

They are also very active and love to play. Having them in a small area will make them restless and they may end up breaking or chewing a lot of things. So it is very important to give your dog a large living space, with a compound to run, play and even train it on a regular basis.

However, not all of us can afford a house with a large compound or yard. This should not really keep you from getting your dream dog.

If you can manage a rather smaller space for your dog, something like a big kennel then that could also work. With this, you will have to come up with a schedule to take your dog out to exercise at least once a day. This will keep him happy, healthy and with a fit body. Playing fetch can be a great way of exercising your dog.

02. They Eat A LOT

The Boerboels diet depends on its age. Puppies require a nutritious diet which is easy to digest. It also needs to be high in protein diet with minerals and all the essential vitamins. This is so that it can achieve optimal health.

For puppies, there are a lot of dry and wet foods available. The type of food you choose should be made for large breed puppies. It is also important to mention that many puppies are choosy on their foods, this is the same with Boerboel puppies.

Do not get worried if your puppy is not eating well, just keep on switching the food regularly until you find one that it likes and it also agrees with its digestive system. An eight-week-old puppy should be fed three to four times a day. Once the puppy grows, it will consume a lot of food and you should be prepared for that.

03. Boerboels Temperament

The South African Boerboel temperament is generally calm and friendly unless provoked or hurt. This is a guard dog that is very loving and protective. They can be tolerant and very friendly while playing with kids but they should never be left alone with them.

When provoked or hurt they can quickly develop a bad temperament and turn aggressive; with their big body and strength, they can be very deadly. Their average weight is between 65 to 90kgs and a height range of between 64 to 70 centimeters.

Boerboels are also great with other animals especially when they grow up seeing them around. They are protective of anything that is within the family home. If there is anything hostile to you and your family or other pets and animals in your home, you can be sure that your dog is going to stand for you.That is why many people put them on their farms.

Summary about Boerboel temperament; it is a cool, friendly and relaxed dog when it is around people it knows but its mood can change with strangers around.

04. Grooming Them is Easy

Every dog requires some grooming time in order to keep them neat and clean. The short hair in Boerboels makes grooming a very simple task. They do not shed lots of fur and so an occasional bath and brushing is enough to maintain the coat. Washing and brushing at least once a month for a grown Boerboel is sufficient.

Their teeth, nail, and ears should also be maintained. Check their ears for wax and debris from time to time, their teeth brushed regularly and nails trimmed whenever they get too big or sharp.

05. Training

Boerboels have a life expectancy of between 12 to 15 years. During this time, you will need to teach it some things in order to make communication easier. You need to train it earlier while it is still a puppy so that you can develop dominance in the relationship. You can hire a trainer to help you with this.

This dog is also very intelligent and is able to learn fast. Their puppies are easy to train and if done correctly they can make glorious guard dogs. So as you are saving money to buy or adopt a Boerboel puppy, you could also set some aside for a trainer.

Now that I have taken you through the 5 important things you should know and consider before you get your Boerboel puppy. If you’re ready to get one, make sure you go through this Boerboel puppy checklist. It’s extremely important!